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        ??? January 26, the National Trade Promotion シ の Shi Shi su Te Rousseau meeting, Beijing open reminders で Connecticut made me cry. Reporter wa know ~ te, except ~ te シ su Te Rousseau within の local kara departments と the first organ の primarily responsible の Mizuho ka, now back の meeting wa special hospitality shi ta Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance NADO relations province Ting の representative. Meeting wo patrol ri wo comprehensive ni party の eighteen, 18 3 back, Fourth Plenary wa, Central Jing Economics Work Conference と Central Foreign Affairs propositions to meeting の spirit wo Cong include shi, 2014 の main na Shi Shi wa, research wo equipped shi ta na 2015 の important task. Ga deputy 総 meeting of the State Council Li Wang Yang Yun え ta wa ga Shi Shi の important trade promotion na instructions.
        Jiang Zengwei で の China CCPIT long time it makes about 2 ha ri の activity reports. Jiang Zengwei said 2014 ni face shi, complex disarray で iwa shi い international and domestic の environment, trade promotion シ su Te Rousseau wo comprehensive ni State Council の party policy wo, adhesion ni social の hatsu exhibition と 経 Economics diplomatic overall national の 経 Economics と accelerate Bian change とア ッ pu wa gu Ritz one then, absolutely え zu Kuo large functional role in lifting those have Bldg su wo government, those have Bldg su enterprise, industry and commerce recommended capacity と の Ritz ベ Hikaru wo shi ta form. Even moving up and down, from hatsu of ni force wo note gi, hoof early enough ka ri っ と で shi shi te na Mika row の good situation, made me cry そ ぞ made me cry の Shi Shi wo shi ta new exhibition wo shi い hatsu advance.
        Jiang Zengwei accused shi, 2014 CCPIT シ su Te Rousseau, head wo cut ri for え, thinking の know wo high Circular te accelerate の function wo adjust shi, advancing mechanism の construction, those have Bldg su States と local hatsu exhibition overall ni focus wo set ki positive ni Kuo large shi, Dui foreign exchange, open reminders shi ta APEC Commerce and Industry circles の Events wo Economics ma se, focusing forums; and quality and efficiency wo promote su ru exhibition you see the healthy hatsu exhibition; open hatsu function wo Mika now shi ta commercial law those have Bldg su new shi い hatsu exhibition wo strengthen shi ta; survey, industrial and commercial capacity up shi ma shi.
        Shi ka shi, shi te reporter wa hatsu see, Artworks history column wo ni Ju CCPIT performance と Meanwhile, Jiang Zengwei performance wo mo Megumi び ru CCPIT business and strengthen performance na ta wo wo big vibrator reform の ru u determined. Jiang Zengwei と da ke ni と ra wa me cry nai inherent の Bldg ji Neko su holds video game, Hikaru ga Jane radiolabeling na AC wo break ru send ri welcome え の holds one then, hatsu exhibition の Head で exploration shi の hatsu exhibition の direction te new shi い period CCPIT ga raw ma me cry te. Jiang Zengwei stressed shi, everything の force wo build shi, a series の HI-EVAL nn ド の exchange ya those have Bldg su pu ra ッ Suites fu ォ one woods と shi te, ahead of Ji wo build shi, CCPIT の characteristics wo Expressed CCPIT の vitality.
        Sightseeing police reporter の と ru ni yo, Jiang Zengwei の の in で wa speech, deepen reform の と na innovative move hatsu Rated current exhibition holds video game, Hikaru CCPIT の の central idea of ??performance-enhancement penetration ki wo shi pass. Ga representatives ha, Jiang Zengwei Suites ー ku comprehensive で off sightseeing of ni analysis shi ta CCPIT の now の situation と business hatsu exhibition ボ Suites Hikaru Neko t ku と, then ni outside と shi te の reform と innovation の strong い motivation.
        Now, after the World 経 Economics crisis の adjustment period ni States の 経 Economics Trade Policy ga iso na ru Ritz ベ Hikaru の Bian technology, 経 Economics grow ni more ku の uncertain factors, ma ku ro 経 Economics surface の adjust hai っ そ u deepened.と resolved after 60 years shi い Artworks history の hui ka の China CCPIT ga new shi い Artworks history の out hatsu point ni Li chi, see straight shi as business content と function の 転 change wo open の mental state の と total ni forward su ru. CCPIT full シ su Te Rousseau wo recognize su ru necessary ni forced ra me cry, new shi い normal ni normal, the first wo long ku shi te new normal の three for wo Mira now shi, business の suitable for have Suites development, those have Bldg su Ritz ベ Hikaru ア ッ pu, bu ra nn ド と influence ga layer of strong ma ri, ko me cry CCPIT の の organ function enhancement.
        と reform の su Te ッ pu と specific na career distinction ni Jiang Zengwei stressed ma zu show ya fu ォ ー Getting woods "inter イ EVAL ッ Suites" wo fundamental kara Bian e te wa show scale ya fu ォ ー ra Rousseau number Heroes の old pa center have nn, often ni quality と Ritz ベ Hikaru wo su べ te the examination の first.そ の times more い ni メ between the two countries work together to strengthen grades wo shi ni zu Rousseau, Yori multi-ku の の hatsu enterprise exhibition stand zu ni labor re- quired foreign intelligence pu ra fu ォ ッ Suites one woods. International trade friction surface で Dui Applied wa ni su ru, CCPIT kara ku の more responsibility by ke ki wo lead.
        と い え ba, pu ro ji e ku Suites の quality と Ritz ベ Hikaru の time, Jiang Zengwei wa Haas Techno ー fu ASTON ー, ke Hikaru nn, Lumira Techno cases ni と NADO の exhibition ya world ni famous na inter ボ su 経 Economics fu ォ ー ra Rousseau wo, CCPIT シ su Te Rousseau within の international large exhibition wo reference ni su べ kiと の hatsu reference direction of development.
        Jiang Zengwei emphasized trade promotion シ su Te Rousseau wa from hatsu of ni Jing Economics hatsu exhibition の new shi い normal, adhesion ni Dui outer Shi Shi の new Zhan slightly wo Mika Shi shi, broken solid と shi te country の major na hatsu exhibition の task と Shi Shi wo expand shi, broken solid と shi te promote institutional の reform と functionの Zhuan change, unity ni use trade promotion シ su Te Rousseau の capital source と force wo strong ni expand shi, trade と investment の promotion wo comprehensive ni Amplification function wo private wa Chinese で Mika Shi su ru new ta na High to Low Ritz ベ Hikaru の Dui outside open, education te ru participationと の competition International Cooperation Priority wo new ta ni ki na Yori big contribution.
        "The new shi い period の CCPIT ni と ~ te, 2015 ha reform の year. Jiang Zengwei dori で の speech で, China CCPIT wa less の strengthen the operational capacity of wo 8 zu の face で hold chi, those have Bldg su upward の Ritz ベ Hikaru wa perfect polygonal two countries メ grades ni zu Rousseau, Mika omen wo . shi ma si outer 経 Dui Economics and trade exchanges Cooperation; 2 ha bu ra nn ド の exhibition fu ォ ー ra Rousseau, trade and investment opportunities wo made; 3 ha 拡 Exhibition and Commercial Law those have Bldg su wo enterprise の international Business Administration wo guard; 4 wa comprehensive ni center have Suites shi te 経 Economics Trade Friction ni Dui Applied shi te positive ni enterprise の legitimate Quan Yi wo keep ru; 5 to accelerate the growth of the Chamber of Commerce の Mika force wo strong Circular, those have Bldg su enterprise の capacity; 6 ha participate in "Dao Road" の construction NADO の Zhan slightly の Mika Shi wo co wa se te Major na diplomacy outside 経 の Dui Economics Trade の Shi Shi の target wo Mika now su ru; seven wa Recommended Suppliers Industrial の enterprises, optimizing の 経 Economics Trade hatsu show の environment wo strengthen shi, eight intelligence と develop those have Bldg su, corporate Business Administration power.

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