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This program enables medical practitioners to legally practice as medical directors in the aesthetics industry by providing them with the proper training and certification to properly supervise their treatment providers and/or to perform the services themselves.

Medical Director Training and Certification For Physicians and Nurse Practitioners (NP’s)

This program enables medical practitioners to legally practice as medical directors in the aesthetics industry by providing them with the proper training and certification to properly supervise their treatment providers and/or to perform the services themselves. DermAesthetics Consulting is one of the first in the country to provide this service and it is comprised of:

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A combination of virtual learning and in-person, live hands-on training for the procedures involved

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Training and certification for some of the most popular aesthetics procedures, namely PDO threading, Cosmetic Injections, Laser procedures, PRP and Microneedling and Plasma Pen Treatments (can be done in the training facility or in the trainee’s medical facility for an extra fee)

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A thorough orientation on the laws and regulations in the field of medical aesthetics, the necessary compliance measures involved, and how to mitigate the legal risks that medical directors can potentially face

This program can also include placement services for medical professionals seeking extra revenue via employment with a medical spa once they finish their training.


Medical Director Services for Medical Spa or Individuals

This program is for medical spa owners who have an immediate need for a medical director for their business, but have no leads or contacts for one. The service is also essentially a turn key solution for medical spa owners who are unfamiliar with the compliance protocols required in an aesthetics practice.


This service is available for a monthly fee for a minimum 12-month contract (maximum of 3 years). The DAC group will select one of its fully-trained and certified employees (one who is well-versed in the laws and rules and regulations in the client’s state) to serve as the client spa’s medical director and will assume all risks for any compliance issues that would fall under the medical directorship and provide SOP’s and protocols for the business during the contract period.

Program benefits:

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Easy turn key business plan - DAC will provide the medical spa client with SOP’s, written protocols, and a compliance book

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Affordability - No need to hire a full-time employee you’ll need to provide with insurance and other employee benefits or to pay for additional training to ensure your medical director is fully trained and certified

Convenience - Instant access to a fully-trained and certified medical director for your medical spa

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Peace of mind - DAC’s responsibility for all compliance matters pertaining to the medical directorship reduces the operational risks for your business.


Medical Director Recruitment and Placement

If you would prefer to directly hire a long-term employee to serve as your practice’s medical director, DAC can take care of the legwork for you. Instead of placing one of our employees in your practice (as with the Medical Director Services for Medical Spa or Individuals), we will take care of the recruitment, employment contract, and background check processes on your behalf.

Best suited for:

  • Established businesses who need an immediate replacement for their medical director

  • Practices that require a medical director to be onsite more than 20 hours per week

  • Established practices that require a long-term medical director and don’t mind providing additional training and certification if needed

  • Medical spas that already have the right compliance protocols in place


About DermAesthetics Consulting

We offer over 35 years of experience in building multi million dollar aesthetic practices.  Our founders owned some of the first medical spas in the country and have firsthand experience in adapting to the evolving laws and rules and regulations governing the aesthetic industry over the past three and a half decades.  


We emphasize the importance of proper training for medical directors, as well as the adequate supervision of non-medical professionals in the aesthetics industry.  There are over 4,200 medical spas in the US, and it is estimated that more than 60% are not supervised correctly, if at all. 


Contracting us to provide your practice with proper supervision and/or training ensures that your operations will be fully compliant, sparing your practice from the potential risk of a medical board investigation or worse, the revocation of your license. This way, you can focus on what truly matters: providing your clients with the best experiences and results and thus growing your business.


Optional DAC Membership

Get the following benefits when you sign up for this value-laden membership program:

  • Up-to-date information the aesthetics industry’s rules and regulations

  • The latest updates on cutting edge technology and aesthetic treatments as they emerge

  • Free business builder webinars on how to build a successful practice

  • A 25% discount on any of our advanced training and certification courses all year round

  • A FREE 8-hour Skin Anatomy Course that’s great for doctors or NP’s transitioning into the aesthetics industry (worth $1,200)

  • Access to a forum connecting you to other industry professionals as well as the alumni of the national medspa training institutes

  • 2 FREE Strategy Calls each year with award-winning medical spa and DAC co-founder AJ for one-on-one consultations about building a strong and successful practice

  • And more!